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Kensington 'Osmanthus' Bloom Oolong (Iced Tea Pouches)

Kensington 'Osmanthus' Bloom Oolong (Iced Tea Pouches)

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Kensington Osmanthus Bloom is composed of high quality Oolong tea scented with fresh Osmanthus flowers. Osmanthus is an evergreen shrub with attractive foliage and clusters of small, very fragrant flowers. These flowers are also used in some of the world's most famous and expensive fragrances. A Light, bright, sweet flavor and a fruity, floral aroma with hints of apples and apricots Some even say it has peachy notes. A must try for those who like to try new things. It's a perfect iced tea!

Oolong Tea (3 pack) 1oz tea pouch yields 1 gallon

Boil 64 oz of filtered water 5 min and pour equal parts ice. Keep refrigerated.

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